Welcome to DoggyBase

Hi I’m Luna!

I’m a miniature Schnauzer and I’m 4 years old.

My hooman Matt is the best ever and writes on this site with me to help my furr-friends. He is a dog behaviour consultant and helps out fellow dog lovers locally to him in the United Kingdom.

On our site we have written you guides on everything “dog”. From why we have belly buttons just like you, the best dog toys, the best dog beds and even the best dog treats so you can show us how much you love us all the time!

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. You can leave us a note at the bottom of any of the articles.

Luna & Matt

Dog Grooming

Luna: “Pamper me hooman!” There is more to just a brush when it comes to looking after your furry buddy. Nail clippers, bath tubs, shampoo (and conditioner) to worming tablets to flea treatments. In these articles and guides we over everything you need to know to fully pamper your pooch.

Dog Food

There are three main types of dog food: dry dog food, wet dog food, and raw dog food. Dry is affordable and convenient, wet is good for dogs who need more moisture or have dental issues, and raw is a natural option. But what are the real pros and cons of each for you and your dog? In these articles and guides we find out.

Dog Facts

We cover everything from urban myths to real-life things you didn’t know about your pet dog.

Good Toys for Puppies

Dog Beds

Luna: “Oh wow do I love to snooze in my bed” Picking the right bed for your dog can be the difference been a happy dog and a grumpy dog.

Dog Technology

WOW technology really has advanced fast and now there is smart everything! From dog apps, smart dog collars, remote pet cameras and even GPS trackers so dad can keep an eye on me if I go AWOL.

Toys! ALL the Dog Toys

Oh how we love to play with our owners. You’re our favourite hooman of them all. There is so much more to just throwing a ball around. Here are our guides and tips for turning a boring old walk, into a real adventure for us both.

no pull dog harnesses


In these articles and guides we cover everything you need to know to make your dog walks fun and exciting for both of you. From dog coats & boots to dog walking had torches so you can see where you’re going at night.

no pull dog harnesses