Dog Food

There are three main types of dog food: dry dog food, wet dog food, and raw dog food. We cover them with you on this site.

Dry Dog Food

Also known as kibble, this is the most popular type of dog food (the same food I feed my own dog, Luna). It is easy to store, has a long shelf life. Dry dog food comes in a variety of flavors and formulas to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

  • Best Dry Food For Flatulence
  • High Fibre Dog Food
  • Grain Free Dry Dog Food
  • Best Dog Food for Older Dogs
  • Best dog food for firm stools

Wet dog food

Normally found as canned dog food, it has a higher moisture content than dry food and can provide more variety in texture and flavour. It is also useful for dogs with dental problems, as it is easier to chew.

  • When and when not to feed your dog wet dog food
  • Wet dog food for older dogs
  • Wet dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Raw dog food,

Known as BARF or “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”, this is a type of dog food made up of raw meat, bones, and vegetables. It is believed to be more natural and healthier for dogs, as it mimics the diet of their wild ancestors. However, it requires more preparation and can be (much) more expensive. It is very important to consult with a trained veterinarian before feeding your dog a raw food diet to ensure it meets their nutritional needs.

Dog Food Brands

These are the top brands of dog food in the United Kingdom and the United States

  • Harringtons,
  • Royal Canin,
  • Pedigree,
  • Bakers Complete,
  • Wagg,
  • Purina
  • Hill’s Science Diet,
  • Blue Buffalo,
  • Orijen,
  • Taste of the Wild

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